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Ring in the New Year with some Jewels... of Opar.

Talinum paniculatum aka Jewels of Opar is a beautiful succulent subshrub that we are growing in the Gardens at Fifield. This plant is easy to take care of and has bright green leaves that pop in any landscape or garden. It is usually an annual, but can be a perennial in tropical areas. When caring for this plant keep in mind it prefers full sun does well in Hardiness zones 9a-10b, and water only slightly and not often as it prefers hot and dry areas. One spectacular feature of this plant is the seed saving magic that can be performed. Once the seed heads are dry you can shake them and tiny black seeds will fall out, most of them being viable! This is such a fun and sustainable way of keeping your seed collection thriving. In our Principles of Plant Science class this Fall we practiced this method.


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