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Going bananas for Microclimates!

Ever heard of a Microclimate? It’s essentially when there is an area that has a different climate due to shade, space, or temperature that differs from the area surrounding it. A lot of landscapes and backyard gardens can take advantage of this phenomena. Here at Fifield Hall we have a courtyard that is surrounded on 3 of the 4 sides with the building which provides heat. We have used that to our liking and put plants like succulents and papaya trees in this area.

When choosing what plants to put in your microclimate or pocket garden it is important to keep in mind Right plant, Right place. IFAS defines this as “locating plants that have similar water and light needs in areas that have the appropriate moisture and shade coverage or hours of light needed for optimal growth.” One of the plants that has an obvious positive reaction to being in our microclimate courtyard is the banana plant. See below the first photo is of a banana plant located in our landscape and the second photo is th…

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