What's that mesmerizing smell?! Osmanthus fragrans for the win!

Osmanthus fragrans or Sweet Olive is an evergreen shrub that can turn heads with its fabulous fragrance and lovely small white flowers. We are lucky enough to have one of these beauties in the landscape surrounding Fifield Hall. It is currently in bloom and woo-ing everyone who walks by!

This plant prefers Hardiness zones 7B-9B and will thrive in full sun or partial sun which opens up a variety of spaces that it can be planted. Pests and diseases are minimal just make sure not to overwater so that root rot doesn't become a problem and be patient as it is slow growing and this will be a fairly easy addition to your landscape. 

Sources: https://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/treesandpowerlines/osmanthus_fragrans.shtml


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