Yerba Mate: It's what's for breakfast!

Buenos tardes!

Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is an evergreen from the Holly family. Most of the plant product is grown and produced in South America. Ilex paraguariensis can be grown in containers as long as the pot is big enough for root growth. When planting in ground make sure to leave adequate space between trees, not over water (they do not like mucky soil) and plant in an area that gets full sun. Pictured below is our 3 Ilex paraguariensis trees in the Gardens at Fifield.

Many people enjoy Yerba Mate as an energy tea like drink as it contains high levels of caffeine. It is South American tradition to drink the tea out of a mug or cup that is traditionally called "Mate" and the straw is bamboo or metal and called "bombilla." Drinking this warm beverage in the morning with family or friends is very ritualistic and close to many people's hearts.

Good old gourd of Yerba Mate with a bombilla



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