Don't settle for mediOKRA my friends!

Okra... A classic taste from the south. Most enjoy this food fried but the recipes are endless including soups, gumbo, and pot pie! Okra is also a great vegetable to can or freeze for use late in the year.  Growing okra can be fun and easy. It even thrives in the heat of the summer.

When growing okra it is recommended to wait until soil has warmed to 65-70 degrees before direct sow or putting in transplants. This plant prefers well drained fertile soil and full sun. Plant 1/2-1 inch deep and 12-18 in apart. Some common Pictured below is the gorgeous flowers it will produce as well. Be certain to water heavily especially if you live in a hot/arid climate and watch out for pests like aphids. If you're really feeling sweet, hook your okra plant up with some aged manure or compost around the base, they will seriously love you for that.

The first harvest will be about 2 months after planting.  Cut okra at stem just above the cap with pruners or a knife when it reaches 2-3 inches long. The size of the okra when you harvest it is extremely important if you let them get too big they become too fibrous to eat.

Pictured below is the gorgeous flower of this plant.

Happy Planting y'all and once again, life's too short, don't settle for mediokra.


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